Harrysong – Reggae Blues (Remix) ft. Mourinho

After the matches face the boo
(The blues, the blues)
Make you do as I do (I do, you do)
Enjoy the matches Chelsea lose
(The blues, the lose)
Share the points and score the goals
(The points, the goals)
Every team wanna win
(The blues the blues)
As far as IVANOVIC the play
(The play the play)

Verse 1:
Bobo see Naismith wey them the boo (The boo the boo)
He don turn Amokachi the bull
(The bull the bull)
Mourinho don’t know what to do
(To do to do)
Oga Abrahimovic just the look
(The look the look)
If Ivano play them must lose
(must lose must lose)
Porto the tiger bite the blues (The blues the blues)
Oya now
Them Hazard oooo
He don taya ooooo
If Mou no sell lvanovic
Them go still the lose.


PS: This is just a joke, no disrespect meant to Chelsea fans. If you can improve the joke send in your version and we shall be happy to update. Don’t laugh alone, share!

* Please this is just a joke, don’t take it personal ooooo



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