Find the Water

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A Nigerian, an American and a German boarded a plane.

As the plane was flying over the sea satan came out and said to them:
“I want you to drop something into the sea, if I find it you die and if I don’t, you live.”

The American quickly plucked a button from his shirt and threw it into the sea. Satan dived into the sea and came up with the button.
”see!” he said, and killed the American.

The German threw a Pin into the sea, Satan dived and came out with the Pin.
”See!” he said and killed the German.

The Nigerian brought out a pure water sachet, opened it and poured the contents into the sea holding back the sachet, he said to Satan, ”Oya begin find water inside water…Idiot”.

Even the devil bowed in defeat.

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1 comment, 12 points

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  1. Two Nigerian men went out on a journey to moscow…these men had not been to moscow but have heard people talked about moscow… man1: O boy, we are loaded for the trip atleast i have 3 H, those people go respect us. Man2: men! they go hear am. atleast nobody from my village reach my level. i be big boy men! I got 5H for my pocket. Man1: Abeg, guy come o, where is this Moscow self! a be na for our backyard…


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